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6 Common Mistakes When Ordering Wine!!

Ordering wine can be a daunting task for some so hopefully my run down of some of the pitfalls will help in building a bit more confidence next time you’re ordering a bottle!

Bee line for the wine list

Don’t dive straight into the wine list at least have an idea of what you are going to eat, there is no point in ordering a big robust Cab if you are planning on eating a plate of sashimi. See what food you and your friends are ordering then go in…

Over the Top Tasting

Unless you are taking part in a professional tasting there is no need to go over the top when you are given a taste of the wine…holding the wine up to the light to check colour, asking to sniff the cork and commenting on the legs are all no no’s when ordering wine in a restaurant unless you want to look like a pompous ‘a’ hole and make the rest of the table cringe. A simple swirl and smell is all you need, after all you are only checking that the wine is not faulty not if you like the bouquet.

Don’t fall for the 2nd cheapest bottle on the list trick

You hear this one so so much, but it is one of the most common mistakes and something people do when they are on a budget but don’t want to come across like a complete cheapskate by ordering the first and cheapest on the list. Although I don’t have proof of this, I have been told from somebody in the trade that restaurants use this to their advantage by putting their cheapest bottle of wine 2nd in the list and cashing in on the profit margins. If price is your deciding factor just have a budget in mind and ask for recommendations within your budget. There could be some hidden gems within the list that you can afford.

Don’t be a scaredy cat

If you are staring at the list and feeling out of your depth and a little overwhelmed then ask! Asking for a recommendation from the waiting staff or the sommelier is always a good idea. Tell them what kinds of wine you like, so if you like something tropical, citrusy definitely unoaked then say so, the more they have to go off the better recommendation they can make. If it’s a decent place they should have tasted what they are serving so you will get a good idea of what’s on offer that fits what your looking for, but remember it is just a recommendation it does not mean that you have to buy it! We have all had a pushy sommelier they are rather irritating!

Can’t Read…Won’t Read!

Don’t be put off by a long complicated name you have no clue how to pronounce, its a bit of a shame to go for your fail safe Sauvignon or Cabernet because you know how to say it and miss out on picking something a bit more interesting. Be brave and either ask or just give it a go…who really cares if you mis pronounce something apart from you…If all else fails just point!!

Don’t order the same bottle twice

If your in a restaurant or wine bar you are likely to have a decent choice of wines on offer so why not make the most of that choice? We have all been there when you’re really enjoying a wine to just stick to that bottle to keep the glasses topped up but we should be being more adventurous and making sure we try other styles from different wine regions.

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