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Tea Sommelier?…How wine is being shunned for the good old Cuppa!!

I have read something recently that I wanted to share with you because well it made the wino in me a little sad. There is a bit of a health craze going on at the moment, which has meant a decrease in the amount of people drinking alcohol generally but more importantly wine!! Recent research […]

It’s all about the Riesling…A guide to styles & food pairing tips! of my all time favourite white grapes; I’m sure I have banged on about this fact a few times so apologies for that, but I really could never get bored of what it has to offer. It’s wildly different depending on the region it comes from, however it always has a similar trait in […]

Wine Review Round Up!!

Its wine review time, here is our round up of fav’s over the past couple of weeks…Enjoy!! Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2016 – South Australia from Majestic for £10.99 From the beautiful Barossa Valley this full bodied aromatic Viognier is crisp, refreshing and floral with a lovely creaminess on the palate. Peaches & cream come […]

6 Common Mistakes When Ordering Wine!!

Ordering wine can be a daunting task for some so hopefully my run down of some of the pitfalls will help in building a bit more confidence next time you’re ordering a bottle! Bee line for the wine list Don’t dive straight into the wine list at least have an idea of what you are […]

Wine Review Round Up!!

Its’s wine review time again! Here is a run down of our fav’s over the past couple of weeks…Enjoy! AM Adega de Monção Vinho Verde 2016 – Portugal from Laithwaites @ £9.49 Light, Fresh & Zesty is what comes to mind when you think about Vinho Verde and that was exactly what you get with […]

Pick of the Pinks!! Our Top 5 Rosé

The weather has been heating up and the consumption of Rosé has increased at an alarming rate. As we are drinking so much of it we thought we should let you know what has made it into our top 5 pick of the pinks!! Opi Malbec Rosé 2016 Mendoza from Laithwaites at £8.99 pb  I […]

5 people not to be at a wine tasting!

Mr “I could murder a beer” • Mr Beer doesn’t really like wine. He’s not sure why he’s at the wine tasting. Maybe his boss sent him at short notice to help improve the wine list. Or maybe his friends have dragged him out for a sophisticated afternoon. Either way, we’re not really sure why […]

Wine Review Round Up!

So what wine have we been drinking over the past couple of weeks? Even though it’s been hot hot hot in London we still have a couple of hearty reds to showcase this week on our wine review, as well as one of the best Muscadet’s we have ever tasted…no lie it was special! Willy […]

Its all about the chilled Reds!

When the weather heats up the Rosé comes out! But what do you do when you have drunk enough Rosé and Sauvignons to sink a ship? Why not go for a chilled Red? You must of course choose the right style of red otherwise this could be a complete disaster. Fear not we will point […]

Wine Review Round Up!

Sooo what have The Grapevine Social been drinking? We thought it was a nice idea to do a fortnightly round up of some of our fav’s and where you can grab yourself a bottle. They are all mid range wines in terms of price and we have popped in a handy link so you can […]

Wine on Tap? Yes Please!!

More Wine created by wine buyer and sommelier Rich Hamblin is a selection of wines sold in eco-friendly formats, from Bag in Boxes (Bagnums) to Pouches and the one and only Quello, a semi sparkling Italian white wine in a can…yes that’s right a can! I can hear wine swigging festival goers whooping right now. […]

Handmade Artisan Liqueurs – Asterley Bros..check out the review!

There is certainly a rise in the amount of small, craft, artisanal distillers popping up over the last few years in the UK, in fact there is a bit of a revolution taking place. Part of this revolution are the Asterley Bros making handmade British artisan liqueurs from a workshop in London’s Forest Hill. We […]

10 Worst Mistakes Wine Drinkers Make!!

We all make the odd faux pas when it comes to wine, even experienced wine drinkers. How many out of the list would you admit to and please don’t say No.8! 1. Filling your glass to the brim The wine can’t breathe, you’re at risk of spillage and it just looks a bit silly. 2. […]

Would You Pay A Premium For English Fizz?

English wine is flying right now, did you know that we are now a premium wine producing region? Yep that’s right, premium. We have tasted a few different styles both still and sparkling and we are totally in agreement its pretty good stuff. Its getting so popular that a new bill to make British embassies […]

RAW Wine Week London

If you’re not sure what RAW wine week is, let me fill you in. It’s a wine festival dedicated to showcasing growers whose wines are of low intervention, organic, biodynamic & natural, it didn’t disappoint. Artisan growers got to show off their fine organic/biodynamic wines and we got to taste them all, well not all […]

A Taste Of Austria!!

Austrian wine is rapidly gaining international exposure and becoming increasingly popular among wine lovers. I recently read on the huffington post site that it was awarded best wine travel destination in Europe by the Travvy Awards 2016 (like the academy awards for the American travel industry) beating Bordeaux and Tuscany. Impressive I’m sure you’ll agree. […]

MASH London Review

We recently visited MASH located in London’s Soho. After dragging ourselves up Oxford Street on woman’s march day we were in desperate need of a large glass of wine and a delicious steak. We were delighted to find out that MASH is not just a steak haven but also a wine lovers dream so definitely […]

Bordeaux Basics!!

Bordeaux is one of the most famous wine blends in the world!  You have probably heard the words ‘Bordeaux style’ thrown around a lot, so we thought we would cover a few of the basics for you. The main players in a red Bordeaux blend are Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot other permitted grapes are Cabernet […]

Orange wine…its not just for hipsters anymore!!

Its been trending for a few years now and elbowing its way onto some of the most prestigious wine lists not to mention Chapel Down introducing England’s first Orange wine into the market this time last year…Whoop Whoop!! So what is Orange wine? You’re probably imagining a mimosa right now but that’s not what I […]

Lets talk about Moscato!!

After a conversation with a friend about Moscato wine recently I realised that I have not really explored this variety of wine much and wanted to learn more about it and also more importantly try the different styles!! I thought I would share with you some of my new found knowledge. Ok so its not […]

Chinese making waves on the wine scene!!

Wine started out as a luxury purchase in China, used to schmooze business deals and only really swigged by the elite, however things have taken a swift turn and China is now the world’s biggest market for red wine overtaking France and Italy!! maybe its got something to do with the fact that its China’s […]

What’s the new must have in celeb world…a winery of course!

There seems to be a celebrity craze at the moment with producing, making, and applying their name to vino. Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore and Kurt Russell to name a few have all done it. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt own Château Miraval a 1,200 acre estate in Provence. They have released their 2nd award wining […]

Champagne Fashion

Despite a tight budget for most households at this time of year, it’s worth buying decent Champagne. Just like clothes, you get what you pay for. The supermarket own-label fizz, on deal at a tenner, is a dress from Primark. A step up are Non-Vintage (NV) brands. This is the High Street: well-made and reliable. Vintage is like […]

Wine Holidays in Tuscany

If you are looking for the perfect wine tourism holiday, Tuscany it is. Florence in Tuscany is a beautiful Renaissance city, on the river Arno, with historical monuments and museums along with cool shopping, bars and restaurants. Florence is also close to some of the most important Tuscan wine regions: Chianti Classico, Montalcino, Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. There […]

Bordeaux Rosé

One of the best known wine regions is Bordeaux. If it were a fashion label it might be Margaret Howell: masculine, restrained, aloof and timeless. However, despite its burly, expensive reputation, this classic red wine area, known for famous names like Margaux, Pomerol and Petrus also makes excellent, affordable rosé wine too. Bordeaux rosé comes in many […]

Sicily’s Indigenous Grapes

With a rich history in wine making dating back 2500 years, a unique mineral rich terroir and a Mediterranean climate you can see why Sicily is the ideal growing environment for some fine wines. Sicily are hailed to have many grapes that are indigenous to the area that you can’t find anywhere else… a wine […]

A match made in heaven!!

Pairing two of life’s greatest pleasures cheese & wine is something to get excited about, well at Grapevine we think so!! Its not all that difficult to match successfully and when you get it right it can be heavenly. It is widely thought that red wine goes best with cheese however…shock horror its actually the […]

Natural Wine..what’s the hype?

We have all heard the hype around the words “Natural” & “Organic” when it comes to food but what about wine? do you know what natural wine is or do you really care? well I thought it was an interesting subject and something that I didn’t know much about so hopefully you will learn a […]

Grape of the week – Viognier

Let’s start off with the pronunciation (Vee-on-e-yay) The reason we have chosen this great variety as ‘grape of the week’ is twofold. Firstly, it is not particularly easy to grow, and then secondly, it is easy to ruin the flavours during the wine making process, but why is it so difficult? Growing the Viognier grape […]