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It’s all about the Riesling…A guide to styles & food pairing tips! of my all time favourite white grapes; I’m sure I have banged on about this fact a few times so apologies for that, but I really could never get bored of what it has to offer. It’s wildly different depending on the region it comes from, however it always has a similar trait in that it’s highly fragrant, aromatic & fantastic with food! So I will be giving you some pairing tips from the bone dry Rieslings to the lusciously sweet.

I am not sure how much you know about Riesling’s flavour profile so I have shown an infographic below to help you on your way!


There are many countries producing Riesling from the traditional European regions of Germany, Austria & France to new world regions like Australia, NZ, & US. It is generally considered a cool climate grape but it is being made very successfully in warmer climates too like California and South Africa where it reaches the riper end of the scale in terms of flavour.

So lets get back to the really important stuff…food & Wine!! Because Riesling is so wonderfully diverse depending on where its grown, taking its expressions from the terroir it can be paired with a wide variety of food also.

Dry Styles from Steely to Rich!

When it comes to matching food with dry Riesling’s it really depends on the type so for the steely dry’s think green like limes, green chilli, fresh herby tomato salsa especially with fish! then if you want to go a bit more bold go for Malaysian or Thai curries as they tend to have a twist of lime in them and it just works so well. If it’s dry but on the richer full bodied side something a bit more earthy like a creamy mushroom sauce with chicken or go wild and have Coq au Riesling!!

Regions to look out for – Australian, France (Alsace), Austria

On the Sweeter Side

Just because it’s a bit sweeter does not make it a sweet wine. This style can be a great day time sipping wine as its lower in alcohol. Its great paired with anything a bit salty & spicy so Asian style snacks are where it’s at, think…spicy fish cakes, satay, even samosas and onion bhaji the combo will blow your mind! If it’s a bit more than slightly sweet go bigger on the spice, so anything with a lot of chilli as the extra sugar counters the heat and in turn makes the wine less sweet.

Regions to look out for – Washington, NZ, Finger Lakes NY, German Kabinetts & Spätleses

Sweet (Botrytised)

From distinctly sweet to dessert Rieslings they like savoury & sweet food so rich fruit tarts especially apricot & peach & crème brûlée work a treat. Cheese is an amazing match for this style of Riesling the more pungent the better so go full on mold!! (the good kind not the old cheddar with blue spots in the back of the fridge)

Regions to look out for – Germany (Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese & Eiswein)

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