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Tea Sommelier?…How wine is being shunned for the good old Cuppa!!

I have read something recently that I wanted to share with you because well it made the wino in me a little sad. There is a bit of a health craze going on at the moment, which has meant a decrease in the amount of people drinking alcohol generally but more importantly wine!! Recent research […]

6 Common Mistakes When Ordering Wine!!

Ordering wine can be a daunting task for some so hopefully my run down of some of the pitfalls will help in building a bit more confidence next time you’re ordering a bottle! Bee line for the wine list Don’t dive straight into the wine list at least have an idea of what you are […]

Pick of the Pinks!! Our Top 5 Rosé

The weather has been heating up and the consumption of Rosé has increased at an alarming rate. As we are drinking so much of it we thought we should let you know what has made it into our top 5 pick of the pinks!! Opi Malbec Rosé 2016 Mendoza from Laithwaites at £8.99 pb  I […]

What’s the new must have in celeb world…a winery of course!

There seems to be a celebrity craze at the moment with producing, making, and applying their name to vino. Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore and Kurt Russell to name a few have all done it. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt own Château Miraval a 1,200 acre estate in Provence. They have released their 2nd award wining […]

Bordeaux Rosé

One of the best known wine regions is Bordeaux. If it were a fashion label it might be Margaret Howell: masculine, restrained, aloof and timeless. However, despite its burly, expensive reputation, this classic red wine area, known for famous names like Margaux, Pomerol and Petrus also makes excellent, affordable rosé wine too. Bordeaux rosé comes in many […]