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It’s all about the Riesling…A guide to styles & food pairing tips! of my all time favourite white grapes; I’m sure I have banged on about this fact a few times so apologies for that, but I really could never get bored of what it has to offer. It’s wildly different depending on the region it comes from, however it always has a similar trait in […]

Would You Pay A Premium For English Fizz?

English wine is flying right now, did you know that we are now a premium wine producing region? Yep that’s right, premium. We have tasted a few different styles both still and sparkling and we are totally in agreement its pretty good stuff. Its getting so popular that a new bill to make British embassies […]

A Taste Of Austria!!

Austrian wine is rapidly gaining international exposure and becoming increasingly popular among wine lovers. I recently read on the huffington post site that it was awarded best wine travel destination in Europe by the Travvy Awards 2016 (like the academy awards for the American travel industry) beating Bordeaux and Tuscany. Impressive I’m sure you’ll agree. […]

MASH London Review

We recently visited MASH located in London’s Soho. After dragging ourselves up Oxford Street on woman’s march day we were in desperate need of a large glass of wine and a delicious steak. We were delighted to find out that MASH is not just a steak haven but also a wine lovers dream so definitely […]

Chinese making waves on the wine scene!!

Wine started out as a luxury purchase in China, used to schmooze business deals and only really swigged by the elite, however things have taken a swift turn and China is now the world’s biggest market for red wine overtaking France and Italy!! maybe its got something to do with the fact that its China’s […]

Wine Holidays in Tuscany

If you are looking for the perfect wine tourism holiday, Tuscany it is. Florence in Tuscany is a beautiful Renaissance city, on the river Arno, with historical monuments and museums along with cool shopping, bars and restaurants. Florence is also close to some of the most important Tuscan wine regions: Chianti Classico, Montalcino, Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. There […]

Bordeaux Rosé

One of the best known wine regions is Bordeaux. If it were a fashion label it might be Margaret Howell: masculine, restrained, aloof and timeless. However, despite its burly, expensive reputation, this classic red wine area, known for famous names like Margaux, Pomerol and Petrus also makes excellent, affordable rosé wine too. Bordeaux rosé comes in many […]

10 of the best regions to get your wine on!!

Lets start with the old world and work our way to the new…. Champagne – France Well it says it in the name right? This picturesque area is located at the northern edges of France and are famous for their production of Sparkling white wines. In fact EU law and the laws of most countries […]

Way down upon the Swanee River…

A travel diary from our guest writer…The Old Soak There we were in Perth, in late February, on our last day in Australia, spending the kid’s inheritance before travelling onto Dubai, flying much later that day. What do you do on such a day? It’s 34 degrees (although dry heat) and your already dressed in […]