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Tea Sommelier?…How wine is being shunned for the good old Cuppa!!

I have read something recently that I wanted to share with you because well it made the wino in me a little sad. There is a bit of a health craze going on at the moment, which has meant a decrease in the amount of people drinking alcohol generally but more importantly wine!! Recent research […]

It’s all about the Riesling…A guide to styles & food pairing tips! of my all time favourite white grapes; I’m sure I have banged on about this fact a few times so apologies for that, but I really could never get bored of what it has to offer. It’s wildly different depending on the region it comes from, however it always has a similar trait in […]

Bordeaux Basics!!

Bordeaux is one of the most famous wine blends in the world!  You have probably heard the words ‘Bordeaux style’ thrown around a lot, so we thought we would cover a few of the basics for you. The main players in a red Bordeaux blend are Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot other permitted grapes are Cabernet […]

Orange wine…its not just for hipsters anymore!!

Its been trending for a few years now and elbowing its way onto some of the most prestigious wine lists not to mention Chapel Down introducing England’s first Orange wine into the market this time last year…Whoop Whoop!! So what is Orange wine? You’re probably imagining a mimosa right now but that’s not what I […]

Chinese making waves on the wine scene!!

Wine started out as a luxury purchase in China, used to schmooze business deals and only really swigged by the elite, however things have taken a swift turn and China is now the world’s biggest market for red wine overtaking France and Italy!! maybe its got something to do with the fact that its China’s […]

Sicily’s Indigenous Grapes

With a rich history in wine making dating back 2500 years, a unique mineral rich terroir and a Mediterranean climate you can see why Sicily is the ideal growing environment for some fine wines. Sicily are hailed to have many grapes that are indigenous to the area that you can’t find anywhere else… a wine […]

Natural Wine..what’s the hype?

We have all heard the hype around the words “Natural” & “Organic” when it comes to food but what about wine? do you know what natural wine is or do you really care? well I thought it was an interesting subject and something that I didn’t know much about so hopefully you will learn a […]

What does vintage really mean?

I’m afraid Its not because its old and sporting an inch of dust!!  A wines vintage is simply the year the grapes were picked and this year will be displayed on the bottle. It can vary but in order for a vintage year to be placed on the label it must be made from at […]

From harvest to bottle!!

We are all here because we are wine lovers but could you take somebody through the steps in the process of how wine is made? Ok some of us probably can but for others this may prove a little difficult so hopefully by reading this you can now show of a little if you are […]

French Wine Explained – Rhône Valley

This is the second article in the series that looks to explain French wines by taking the top wine making regions one by one and explaining what the main wines are and what to look out for. This will hopefully be useful if you want to try more varieties of French wine, but you may […]

French Wine Explained – Champagne

The famous Champagne region located in North-East France is one area that most wine drinkers will know a bit about! The way Champagne is produced is through the Méthode Champenoise. This is the name of the traditional method by which Champagne and many other sparkling wines are produced. It starts off the same way as normal […]

10 of the best regions to get your wine on!!

Lets start with the old world and work our way to the new…. Champagne – France Well it says it in the name right? This picturesque area is located at the northern edges of France and are famous for their production of Sparkling white wines. In fact EU law and the laws of most countries […]

French Wine Explained – Loire Valley

French wine is a huge subject, not only is France one of the countries that produces the largest quantity of wine in the world (between 7 and 8 billion bottles per year!); it is also one of the oldest wine producing countries. Mix these 2 factors together and what have you got? Yes, a very […]

Wine Tasting….The Basics

So let’s assume you don’t really know what you’re doing with wine above and beyond opening your mouth and pouring it in. Let’s also assume that you haven’t gone into the nearest shop and purchased the cheapest bottle of wine you have been able to get your hands on!! What to look for…appearance, nose and […]