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Tea Sommelier?…How wine is being shunned for the good old Cuppa!!

I have read something recently that I wanted to share with you because well it made the wino in me a little sad. There is a bit of a health craze going on at the moment, which has meant a decrease in the amount of people drinking alcohol generally but more importantly wine!! Recent research shows that wine, specifically consumed in restaurants is on the decline. Recently Lloyds of London and a few other big city rollers announced that their employees are no longer allowed to drink alcohol during office work hours…Whaaaaat!! That’s a national pastime and part of our working culture. Non alcoholic cocktails and sugary drinks are not cutting it as an alternative for the new health conscious customer either so in comes the tea with its huge spectrum of flavours from beautifully crafted Oolong to industrial black tea there is a huge choice as there is when it comes to wine so they can be paired with a huge range of different foods.
High quality teas are on the increase and city restaurants are seeing a decline in their wine profits especially their trusty city boys & gals lunches trade as people shun the wine list to get their tea on. So that’s the end of long boozy lunches…C’est La Vie. But really, a tea sommelier, is that really a thing? Apparently so, and some of the city’s high end Michelin star restaurants are taking this very seriously in order to please their more sober guests and keep profits margins steady. Forget wine to go with each course on your tasting menu you will now be given the option of tea!

So lets see if this trend takes off..will wine be overshadowed for the good old cuppa? I have my reservations but watch this space.