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Wine Review Round Up!

So what wine have we been drinking over the past couple of weeks? Even though it’s been hot hot hot in London we still have a couple of hearty reds to showcase this week on our wine review, as well as one of the best Muscadet’s we have ever tasted…no lie it was special!

Willy Willy Shriaz 2015 – Australia – from Laithwaites @ £9.49 to buy Click here

shriaz wine review

A true Aussie special packed full of deep dark fruit with hints of vanilla and spice. This wine comes from the wine town of Griffith in New South Wales and the name Willy Willy is Aboriginal for the dust storms that whip through the vineyards of this area.

Hey Malbec 2016 – Argentina – from Majestic @ £12.99 to buy Click here

malbec wine review

Malbec is Argentina’s flagship grape and this wine does a great job of showcasing why! Big bold flavours of blackcurrant and spicy black pepper with a beautiful complexity from being aged in french oak. We had it on its own but of course this would go down a treat with roasted red meats.

Domaine Gardais Muscadet La Grande Réserve du Moulin 2016 – from Laithwaites @ 10.49 to buy Click here

muscadet wine review

Fresh citrus and green apple aromas lead to a rich ripe pear and floral flavours, it’s a bit creamy but still so fresh and vibrant…can you tell how much I liked it? If only we had known how good this was we would have ordered a case (or 2)! It’s the fact that it’s ‘Sur Lie’ meaning its left on the fine lees (residue of fermentation), this gives it that lovely nutty creamy complexity. The classic match for this is with seafood and white fish dishes, however we had it with BBQ lamb and it held its own with that too! I think it would pair well with most food to be honest.

Trebuchet Chardonnay 2016 – South Africa – from Majestic @ £7.99 to buy Click here

chardonnay wine review

A fantastic value Chard! Zesty lime, citrus & melon!! Its slightly high on the acidity but I quite enjoyed that, each to their own I guess. Its certainly a wine I would recommend for great value in this price range if you like an unoaked Chardonnay.

Baron De Las Viñas Rioja Reserva 2011 – Spain – from Sainsbury’s @ £8.50 to buy Click here

rioja wine review

Spicy, a little herbaceous and full of red cherry and cranberry flavours. It was rich, smooth and went amazingly well with a cheese board but would also pair well with tomato based pasta dishes, red meats, antipasti..the list goes on…

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